Save On Energy

Our IR Heating panels warm up surfaces rather than the air, this requires up to 60% less energy than an equivalent convection type radiator. This means you could replace a 2kW electric convection heater with one of our 700 Watt IR Heating panels, and still enjoy the same level of warmth.

Save On Space

Radiators usually take up wall space, and can limit where and how you arrange your furniture. With our IR Heating panels you can fit them flush on your wall like a picture or on the ceiling (using our suspension kit) which not only looks nicer it helps free up space in your room.

Zero Maintenance

If you are using a traditional Gas or Oil type boiler it will require annual servicing, as well as having any number of things that could go wrong. However with our range of IR Heating panels which are electric and have no moving parts there is zero maintenance needed, and very little to go wrong. At most just give them a wipe with a cloth every now and again.

Easy Installation

You can forget about having to call out plumbers or builders to install your heating – with our range of IR Heating panels you can fit them yourself. All you need is a drill and everything else you need is included in the box to fit them to the wall. Use the standard 3-pin plug and you can go from cold to warm in less than an hour.

Healthier type of Heating

Conventional radiators work by convection to circulate the heated air in your room together with dust and germs. Our IR Heating panels heat you, objects and building fabric with IR energy waves creating a much healthier environment which is much more comfortable to be in and a more natural heat.

Better Looking

Normal radiators can be bulky and ugly, negatively impacting on your rooms décor rather than enhancing it. Our IR Heating panels work the other way around, because they are slim and come in a number of attractive types, styles, and designs (White, Image, Glass, Mirror, Customised Pictures). These can help enhance the true potential of your interior décor, all whilst keeping you warm and saving you money.