3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater
  • 3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater
  • 3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater
  • 3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater
  • 3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater

3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater

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3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater

Get this powerful heater for your home, office, or warehouse with a this Efficient, eco-friendly, heater which is better looking than a radiator IR Heating is the future of heating technology. This bar heater measures approximately 190cm x 15cm x 2cm and with a 3000w white heater this unit can heat an area of around 39 - 55m2.


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3000 Watt White Infrared Bar Heater

Made from first class material you can trust this heater will not fail. It can reach a surface temperature of around 200-300˚C. This is nothing to be alarmed about however, as they can be installed far higher up on the wall than a traditional radiator, right up near the ceiling. This means it’s far out of reach of any accidental touches.

It has an IP44 rating, meaning it is protected against splashes of water. However, we would advise that if it’s installed outside, it is under cover, just in case of heavy rain.

IR Heating is a brilliant new way of heating your indoor or outdoor space. It is more efficient, more eco-friendly, and looks better than traditional heaters. It heats your room-space in a completely different way to a conventional radiator. Rather than heating the air around it, it actually heats the objects in the room, which requires less energy. It can actually save around 60% on your heating bills!

It fires infrared beams around the room, which bounce off the objects, leaving them warmed. By doing this, you can avoid convectional currents. When a traditional heater warms the air, it rises to the ceiling, cools, and falls again, requiring more heat. This is obviously less efficient, and can have a negative effect on your health. That’s because it promotes dust circulation, mould growth, and cold spots. Because an infrared heater does not do this, it can actually be seen as better for your health.

IR Heating is also completely safe even though it sounds a bit scary. It’s just the same technology that TV remote controls use! It provides the same kind of heat that the sun does, but without any nasty UV radiation.

What is the heater doing?

Surya Infrared Bar Heater

At first glance, it might be difficult to know exactly what your infrared bar heater is up to at any given moment.

If you’re sat some distance away from the heater, you may not know if it’s on or not. You don’t need to worry though, as we’ve included a little something to make your life easier. To make it simple, whenever the panel is on and emitting heat, a small red LED light will turn on. When the bar heater is off, the LED will follow suit and switch off itself. This useful feature lets you know when your heater is doing its job and when it’s been told not to, so you can rest assured it is definitely doing as you’ve asked.

Please be advised that this bar heater does not come with a 3-pin plug, but can be used with a 2P+E plug and socket minimum 20amp fuse. We strongly advise getting a qualified electrician to install this.

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