Thermostat & Remote Control
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  • Thermostat & Remote Control
  • Thermostat & Remote Control

Thermostat & Remote Control

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Add Thermostat & Remote Control to your panel

You can add Thermostat and Remote control to your IR Heating panels so with this Thermostat & Remote which provides you with the perfect solution!

You can add thermostat and remote by taking advantage of all the incredible features of this controller. All you need to do is plug the thermostat unit in, then plug your heater into the thermostat unit. It could not me more simple!

You are then able to control your IR Heating panel via the handy remote unit that lets you interface with the thermostat unit directly it could not be simpler.


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Thermostat & Remote Control Unit

Provide a simple way to bring your home IR Heating under control making your IR Heating Panel heaters incredibly efficient and easy to use.

Giving you precise control over the temperature of your room, down to the exact degree you set. The Control Unit will do all the hard work for you, switching itself on and off to adapt to changes in temperature and keep your room to your exactly set temperature making as warm as you want it the Control Unit can register changes of 0.5°C and keep your heating under control. It can also detect when you’ve opened a window and will switch itself off so you don’t waste energy heating a room that is cooling at the same time saving you energy.

In addition, it also provides you with a number of fantastic quality of life additions. It has a 7-day timer functionality means you can set your heater to turn on at the precise time you want it to.

With it's adaptive start the Control Unit will start your IR Heating panel passively monitoring the temperature around it before it is set to turn on, and will switch on at the precise moment needed to bring your room up to the temperature you need at the time you need it letting you take the guesswork out of efficient IR Heating control leaving you to get on with your life!

Add Thermostat & Remote to our range of panels

By using this Control Unit on our range of IR Heating Panels you can Choose From

Our White Panels, our Image Panels, our Mirror Panels and our Glass Panels. pick the one that best suits you!

For example if you want to expand your space and make it feel much larger, the 360w Mirror IR Heating Panel - Round is our most discrete heater yet- as it’s indistinguishable from a mirror! This particular style is perfect for hallways or set above a side table.

Or the show-stopping look of the 580w Quartz Glass IR Heating Panel which is both modern and stylish. This panel look especially at home in a contemporary looking kitchen, but also looks great in any room where you want to add a very class monochrome look.

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