Plug-in Thermostat
  • Plug-in Thermostat

Plug-in Thermostat

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Plug-In Thermostat

You can add Thermostat control to your IR Heating panels so with this Plug-In Thermostat which provides you with the perfect solution!


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Plug-In Thermostat Unit

Plug your IR Heating panel straight into your wall with the Electronic Plug-In Thermostat with 24 Hour Control.

Set the temperature that you want is easy, Simply hold the 'Temp' button down and set the temperature you want within the range 0°-35°C range, at 1°C increments.

This unit simply plugs in which is a great control solution for any of our White IR Heating panels or Image IR Heating panels as each one comes fitted with a 3 pin plug.

With an easy reading screen and simple settings then provides time and temperature control for your IR Heating panel.

This unit means you can set 3 ON/OFF time periods over a 24 hour time period meaning you can get the same heat levels day in day out and never have to worry.

There is also a back-up battery which saves your setting if power is lost, that can last up to 1000 hours and lets you programming while not plug-in, making it easier to set up.

Plug and Play Set-up

3 x ON/OFF easy setup programmable time periods repeatable over a day period;

Integrated Temperature Sensor with a range of 0°-35°C;

1000 hour integrated battery, perfect for programming out of the socket;

Highly visible LCD screen, displaying Time, Temp., Mode, On/Off etc.;

13(2)A load rating, 3kW resistive, 400W filament, 2A inductive. 

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