320 Watt Round Mirror IR Heating panel
  • 320 Watt Round Mirror IR Heating panel

320 Watt Round Mirror IR Heating panel

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320 Watt Round Mirror IR Heating panel

This round mirror IR Heating panel measures approximately 85cm diameter, making it a great size mirror for you home.


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320 Watt Round Mirror IR Heating panel

This 320 Watt IR Heating panel can heat an area of around 6-7mwith a depth of approximately 2cm means it will fit flush against your wall and look great. The mirrored glass finish means it reflects its surroundings perfectly. Whilst it can reach a high of around 120˚C, this won’t be an issue, as it can be installed high up on the wall – well out of reach of any prying hands. With an IP54 rating, you can install it in a bathroom or kitchen, as it is protected against any splashes of water and will not steam up.

IR Heating is an efficient way of heating your home that can also revolutionise your interior design. It provides its heat in a completely different way to traditional heating methods, and can save you money on your heating bills! It does this by heating the objects in the room, rather than the air. This is more efficient as it requires less energy.

Simple to Install

Quartz Glass IR Panel Installation Brackets

These IR Heating panels are very easy to install – It can be a one-person job! In fact, you can do the complete install yourself, as there’s no need for any plumbers or electricians. The IR Heating panels come fully plug-and-play ready, so all you need to do is actually mounting the panel, which is easy to do, so you’re fine. Using the stencil that’s included in every box, simply draw through the holes so that you know where to drill. A couple of holes in the wall, and a couple of screws in the holes, and you’re good to go. Simply rest the panel onto the screws using the two rear-mounted brackets on the panel, and it’ll all be done in minutes.

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5 Step panel sizing guide

Easy 5 Step guide to sizing your IR Heating panels

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3-Step installation

3 Step guide to installing your IR-Heating panels

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